Gary Klein Masterclass

Exceleration: Practical Insights to Accelerate Cognitive Performance

Workshop in Melbourne, Monday 23 May 2016.

Hosted by Intelligent Answers in association with RMIT Executive Education and the Center for Integrated Project Solutions.

Gary Klein

About the facilitator

Gary Klein, Ph.D., is internationally known for:

  1. The cognitive models he described, such as the Recognition-Primed Decision (RPD) model, the Data/Frame model of sensemaking, the Management By Discovery model of planning in complex settings, and the Triple Path model of insight,
  2. The methods he developed, including techniques for Cognitive Task Analysis, the PreMortem method of risk assessment, and the ShadowBox training approach, and
  3. The movement he helped to found in 1989 — Naturalistic Decision Making.

The company he started in 1978, Klein Associates, grew to 37 employees by the time he sold it in 2005. He formed his new company, ShadowBox LLC, in 2014. The five books he has written, including Sources of Power: How people make decisions, and Seeing What Others Don’t: The remarkable ways we gain insights, have been translated into 12 languages and have collectively sold more than 100,000 copies.

You can find all of Gary’s books, publications, and more at

About the Masterclass

The two biggest challenges facing modern organisations are to rapidly create new insights and to accelerate professional development and knowledge transfer. This workshop brings together the ground-breaking work of Gary Klein in these areas.

In the morning, participants will explore the ShadowBox method of professional development and in the afternoon discover Dr Klein’s thinking on how to see what others don’t. The ShadowBox method is a product of many years of research and practical application in solving the problem of how to help workers “think like the expert” in an accelerated period of time. Leveraging Gary’s pioneering work in cognitive task analysis techniques, the method is designed to accelerate the learning curves of workers who are newly qualified to help them become workers who can be relied on to use their judgment to handle challenging incidents. This approach shifts development from the domain of rules and procedures to sense-making and cognitive skills in complex situations.

Since writing Seeing What Others Don’t, Gary has continued to evolve the ideas and has designed some new interactions to explore insight generation and application. These brand new activities will be facilitated for the first time anywhere in the world at this workshop.

We have designed this workshop so that participants will be able to:

  • Explore the ShadowBox approach to accelerate professional development and knowledge transfer.
  • Experience cognitive skills training for accelerated learning.
  • Identify how to create an environment that generates insights.
  • Discover how to apply knowledge and insights to create value.

For more information, please email or call 0438 078 500.

Times and Location

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  • Membership Price: $792.00
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In Sydney?

Join Gary’s Masterclass on Wednesday 25th May, 2016 in Sydney!

In Singapore?

Gary will also be delivering a full-day ShadowBox Masterclass in Singapore on Friday 27th May, 2016 – see this page for details.

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